ST33R is an instant, flexible and convenient car subscription that gives people the freedom to enjoy the convenience of driving with a low commitment and a flexible rental duration.

We are the first car subscription service in Singapore to bring you a seamless digital experience in an app, where you can browse, book and pay at the convenience of your fingertips.

What’s more? We upload photos of the actual vehicle to narrow the transition from the online to offline experience. What you see is what you get.

ST33R – designed to be simple and hassle-free so that you can have a seamless experience.

Step 1: Download our app and either browse as a guest or sign up for our subscription.

Step 2: Answer a few simple questions and we will curate the best available car suited for your lifestyle. You can further refine the results by adjusting the filter preference.

Step 3: If you like what you see, select your ideal vehicle, and verify your profile conveniently via SingPass.

Step 4: Simply book an appointment for the vehicle delivery, pay and wait for the delivery of the car to your doorstep!


ST33R is a car rental subscription club where you get to enjoy exclusive perks such as

  • Access to our latest vehicle models
  • Enjoy Special Offers
  • Exclusive invitation to our events
  • Access to our complimentary concierge service
  • Free Vehicle Switching
Early Birds Special: We are waiving the monthly subscription fee for now. Don’t miss this opportunity to have an account with us even if you are not ready to rent a car.

Simply inform our Customer Service via our Chat. You can access the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. It’s that simple.

Car Rental

ST33R’s car rental programme comes with:

  • Full maintenance & service programme
  • Road tax
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • LTA inspection
  • 24-hour breakdown & towing services
  • Mileage cap of 1,500km/month*
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Replacement of tyres
  • Accident reporting, claims & repairs
  • Collection & delivery service
*For every km exceeded, there is a $0.20 charge.

We know how frustrating it is when your favourite vehicle gets taken off the list while you’re browsing. To bring you the best experience, we tailor the options based on your profile to best fit your need. This helps to reduce the time spent browsing through endless pages, which may reduce your chances to book your top pick. You may adjust the filter to refine the results up to 3 times in 3 days.

We have a wide range of MPVs, SUVs and Sedans of both Continental & Non-Continental makes to suit all lifestyle and budget.


Here are the requirements to be a subscriber:

  • 22 years old up to 65 years old
  • Holds a valid driving licence with a minimum of 1-year driving experience

The ST33R app is built to retrieve information via Singpass for Singaporeans, PR and work pass holders.

Vehicle Usage

Yes, you may drive up to West Peninsular Malaysia, but not to Thailand as the coverage of the car insurance limits it.

  • For travel to Peninsula Malaysia, simply inform our Customer Service via our Chat before departure. You can access the chat icon, which is found on the bottom right of your screen.
  • We are not liable to provide a replacement vehicle, or any costs and/or expenses incurred for the travelling party to get alternative passage back to Singapore, or any travelling within West Peninsular Malaysia if the vehicle breaks down in West Peninsula Malaysia.
  • Third-Party accident and breakdown towing back to Singapore is free. Not applicable for Own Damage accidents.

If your car is due for maintenance, we will inform you via email to arrange a date of your convenience. We will pick up the car and provide a replacement car for the day. After the maintenance, we will send the vehicle back to you.

Here’s a guide of the maintenance intervals of your vehicle:

  • For non-continental cars: every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first
  • For continental cars: every twelve months or 15,000km, whichever comes first

If your vehicle exceeds the recommended mileage before the service interval, you may contact us via the chat to arrange for a servicing.


Yes, you may with a 1-month notice. Simply contact our Customer Service, and our officers will assist with the process.

Simply chat with our Customer Service, with a few simple questions, we can consolidate a list of vehicles that best fit your preference. Pick your preferred car and book any date that is 1-month* to conduct the vehicle swap.

Once we have swapped the vehicle, we will email you a copy of the revised rental schedule for your reference. 

*A 1-month notice period is required for car switching.

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Car Insurance

All our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance in Singapore and Malaysia that includes:

  • Third-party property damage – capped at $5,000,000
  • Third-Party bodily injuries and death – unlimited
  • Personal accident benefits – up to $50,000

This policy is applicable only for the approved driver(s) during the rental period.

Yes, you may. ST33R provides complimentary coverage for the first two additional drivers. Simply contact our Customer Service, and our officer will assist with the process. 

If you need to name more than 3 approved drivers, there will be a $150 one-time administrative fee to add any additional driver from the 4th driver onwards.

As the insurance coverage is only applicable to the approved driver during the period of rental, it is important to inform us of additional drivers who may be using the vehicle.

In the event of a reported accident, both parties’ insurers will assess the situation.

  • If you are deemed to have any form of liability by the insurer, full excess is payable if a successful claim is made against the insurance policy, regardless of the repair cost.
  • If you are deemed to be free from liability, no excess is payable if you are deemed to be not at fault by the insurer.

We understand that the insurance process can be complex; feel free to contact our customer service should you have any queries regarding this matter.

An excess is a deductible, or in other words, the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance policy steps in to cover the rest of the claim in the event of an accident.

For instance, if your car gets damaged and the cost to repair it is S$4,000, and you have a S$1,500 excess, you will pay the first S$1,500 out of your pocket, and the insurer will pay the remaining S$2,500.

Insurance excess is implemented to prevent drivers from claiming for every small mishap that happens to the car so as not to cause a widespread increase in car insurance premiums.

Insurance  excess/deductible will be applicable for own damage claim and third party claim accidents upon every successful claim. It is subjected to GST.

  • Excess in Singapore : S$1,500 
  • Excess in Malaysia : S$3,000 
  • Windscreen Excess : S$200


Here’s a list of the payment methods that we accept:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer / Corporate PayNow – UEN: 200710651D

You have to pay a total of one month rental and a S$500 refundable deposit.

For credit card payments, subsequent payments will be charged to the same card you used for the first payment. You may change the credit card via the app anytime after you have made the initial payment.

If you have selected Bank Transfer/PayNow as your first payment mode, we will send a monthly bill for you to pay via Bank Transfer/PayNow subsequently.


  • In the event of an accident, you will need to pay for the insurance excess
  • Damages beyond fair wear and tear conditions
  • An administrative fee for additional drivers, from the 4th driver onwards
  • $0.20/km will be charged for the additional kilometre that is driven over the mileage cap of 1,500km/month.

The car insurance excess does not apply to:

  • Missing accessories – examples include keys, remote control, cargo cover and others
  • Damage to undercarriage
  • Paint spots
  • Sandblasting
  • Bodyworks (lack of attention) – examples include rust, dents or scratches other than small scratches or chips, failure of colour matching where repairs have been made, and others
  • Upholstery – examples include stains, burns or tears in seats, headlining, carpets, and others
  • Mechanical (mishandling/negligence related) – examples include engine, gearbox, clutch, axles, suspension, steering, and others
  • Tyres (beyond nail puncture/wear and tear) – example include tyre sidewall cut

Simply submit your promo code via the chat button on the app. Once verified, you will enjoy the discount on your next bill.

Note: Only 1 promo code can be applied to each rental agreement; and the applied promo code cannot be reused by the same customer within a 24-month period.

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Vehicle Delivery / Pick Up

It will be delivered to your preferred location.

Yes, you may contact our Customer Service to request a pick-up instead.

You can pick the vehicle up at the following address:
10 Raeburn Park
Singapore 088702

You would need to wait for three working days. Our customer service will contact you once your vehicle is ready for delivery.

Termination of Car Rental

Easy, just click the return button in the app! The app will then indicate the vehicle return date. We will contact you to arrange for a pick-up or return of the car. 

Please note that for any termination of the subscription, we require a one month notice period.

Don’t worry, you’re still a subscriber of ST33R and can enjoy all our subscription benefits even though you have terminated your car rental with us. If you wish to terminate your ST33R’s subscription and completely delete your account, please inform our customer service via our chat. 

Upon termination, our customer service officer will contact you to arrange for the payment of the pro-rated rental amount.

The calculation is as follows:
Monthly lease rate / Number of days in that month x Days of the last lease month